Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tackling pain

As darkness is to light, pain is to love. Whatever pain that we are undergoing, is a reminder for us to return back to normal, which is love. Pain comes in various flavors: physical, emotional and mental. Some are chronic while some last seconds. There is a reason why we experience pain. Do you know the reason? Well, it’s nothing but a signal that something is not going right, the way it should.

Whether it’s a heart break or a headache, take refuge in God. He will alleviate your situation. Till that time, stay on. Bear it. It will make you stronger. When you come out of it, you will be a better person. God is very kind and generous. He does not give you the pain, but he sure has a solution to everything. For him, there is nothing in this universe that he cannot heal. Trust him to do what’s best for you.

It’s very hard for others around to see you going through a tough situation. When you are in pain, your loved ones also feel part of it, because they are attached to you. Pain thus can be like cancer. Malignant. Take all steps to lessen it. The best is requesting God to take it away. Of course, there is medication available today for most sorts of imbalances. However, do not doubt the Almighty’s role in it.

Some people seem to be stuck in a rut like situation. I’m talking about chronic pain - The kind that poisons your mind and body. Understand the root cause of pain. If you take steps to counter the root cause, you get a permanent cure. Some of the medicines just work on the symptoms, as a result of which the pain comes back. Don’t pop in that pill which gives you temporary relief. Look for eradicating the source. And pray to God that he may give you strength to counter it and an everlasting relief.

To your well-being,


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