Monday, October 07, 2013

From EVIL to GOD

Evil is just a hoax. There is no such thing. There is only one force that pervades this universe. And that force is good. The force of God, if you may like to call it that way. What seems to be negative is actually wrapped in a single word called ignorance. Evil is about ignorance. Ignorance of this beautiful world that God has created for us. Ignorance of not following God’s ways. Ignorance of not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

What seems to be the most evil, is the starting point of ignorance. Wherever there is darkness, and by that I mean a lack of love (of God), evil permeates. When you hear a news like somebody being killed or somebody being raped, condemn the act and not the actor. The actor is ignorant and that is why he/she committed this heinous crime. Whether you try to punish him/her or repurpose him/her is a different subject altogether.

The opposite of EVIL is LIVE. To live means to love. You must be loving something or things that gives you a sense of happiness. A man loving a woman. An owner loving his/her dog. A person in love with his work, and so on. Evil is nowhere near love . It simply means that the more you love, the more the Evil is far away from where you are. The more you live in the light of love, the closer you are to God. And that is the only force that is there.

All the forces known to physics namely, gravitational force, nuclear force, electromagnetic force and the weak force all are gradations of God’s power. Above all these is the power of love. Love encompasses the universe. It’s everywhere. What you perceive as evil is nothing but a lack of love. Doesn’t mean that such people are bad. They are just not awake. But the force of love is infectious. That means it spreads fast. Hence Evil will decrease day by day and one day the whole world shall open to the wide arms of love.

Resurrection is near.

Guaranteed …


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