Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The miracle of faith

Faith keeps us going on. It empowers us to do things miraculous. Faith without action is a delusion. So is action without faith. When we believe in something deeply, we open mysterious doors of spiritual energy. These help us to achieve what we believe in. When everyone’s is looking right, it’s the belief that we have which makes us look left. Despite anything, I mean hindrances, we step forward. Maybe inch by inch, but we do move forward in that direction. To each according to his faith. You may remember the saying, sounds true always. Even Jesus told his followers to have faith, you recall. Well, faith is not magic. It’s a human thing. Animals don’t have it, but we do. And we have to put it to good use.

Faith never doubts. Despite trials and tribulations, faith endures. Faith makes us choose the long road over the short one. When everything else fails, it’s faith that shows us the way. Believe. And you will be able to fly or  walk on water. You have to believe without any riders. That’s the catch. Just trust yourself to do it. Live like you are going  to die the next second. Pour in oodles of faith over your actions. Keep pouring, till it overflows. And you notice nothing but your way. Because that is all there is. A path that beckons you to walk over it. Millions of times. And that is the right path, because your faith says so. Other people may scoff at you, but don’t listen. You are on your way. And the way is what matters.

However, faith without plans is like a map without directions or stop-overs. Once you know where your faith lies, please make clear cut plans. Here there is no Plan B. All you have is chances, but the plan does not change. Because, if it does, it means you don’t believe. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. And one day the doors shall open. Live in earnest to witness this day. That will be your D-day and not death. You have to see your wishes coming true (by wishes I mean what you believe in and not the day dreamy  ones) and undergo the experience of the manifestation of your faith, however mundane or great it may be. But you would have lived your life, my dear friend, and that is exactly the reason why you are here.

To discover yourself. Yes. And the day you do that, you will get a peaceful sleep like never before. A life well lived is a life worth living. Hence we have to be very cautious when we walk the path that we propose to. Lest that it may hurt others. Do not stumble, anyway. The joy is in the ride not the destination. The destination is ‘a-ha’, but the ride you must enjoy. And on this path, make sure that you don’t trample on other people’s path. Do not cross their paths also. Every single being has his own journey. We are all support structures to that individual. You and your way. Discover it. Enjoy it. Feel it deep within. Because if you don’t have something to look forward to, it’s a pity. So live life like a king. Believe and Achieve.

To your success.


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