Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The key to happiness

There is no such thing as bad or evil. The devil is just an imaginary being. While good and bad contradictions have been raging throughout the ages, the truth is God would not make anything bad. What seems to be an act of bad is because of lack of love. Let me explain. You see love is the greatest force that we have come across. And what seems to be bad or negative people are because they lack a degree of love. The more love they lack, the greater is their conundrum. If everyone where to feel love in its most pure form, this world would be made up of joy everywhere. The fact is some of us do not vibrate on this frequency. Hence for such people, everything seems to be going wrong.

Whereas some people seem to be happy always, as they are closer to the frequency of love. Love is an attitude. This is something we are born with, but gets lost in the real world education. As we form or own opinions which in turn become beliefs we tend to do things or move according to them. While there is nothing wrong with  this, if the beliefs are negative (If I may use this word) the effect can be disastrous. There are beliefs which reinforce love and there are those which arise from things like anger, jealousy etc. Now these emotions are far away from true love and we must not cede to them. Because in this process, we may not experience ample love always.

But the good news is that we are made of love atoms. We can get in touch with them, if we try. A strong belief in a supernatural power guiding all of us is a good start. However, others can also embrace love. The most fundamental question is why do we live? The answer is simple: To experience love, to share it with others and to spread the message of love every single day. This is only possible if we start giving love consciously. The more you give, the lighter you feel. Till a time comes when you become pure love. A joy to behold! We can have anything that we want, if we practice giving love. Because it comes back – always and that too in multiples.

Gratitude is the key to happiness. But I’m talking about a deep feeling of thanks for everything. Count your blessings and be thankful for that. If you don’t, at least try. Thank the person who invented electricity for you are reading this quip because of that. Thank the Sun for giving sunlight everyday without fail, and that without making a noise about that. If you think, there are too many things we have to be grateful about. And the more grateful you feel, the more happy you will be. Some days you feel depressed, that’s because you have drifted  away from the frequency of love. Get back immediately. Start feeling those moments that make  you special – because that  is what you are – a special person.

To your happiness …


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