Monday, June 21, 2010

The song of my heart

I was listening to this beautiful song which says 'your eyes are so beautiful'. This is not a guy wooing a girl. This song can be thought of as your devotion to God or God singing this song for you. Let it be any song (be it pop, rock or hip-hop) ; the way I look at it is, from these two angles. The bond is for us to build. The more we view the songs from these perspectives, the closer we get to God.

I have said this umpteen times – listen to the song of the heart. You will find that it is the most natural way of living close to the infinite energy. As you get closer to God through various means you will realise that more happiness comes into your life. Go by your gut feel. It is the most primitive reaction, but is always right.

Trust me on this one. I'm having an online communion with God. He is tuned into our frequency for a full twenty-four by seven mode. Now we have to tune in into his frequency. Listen to that beat of the heart, which keeps twittering away words of wisdom. Do not try psychological actions. What comes from the brain is a little skewed.

Remember what Buddha said. We need to cross this samsara full of grief because of selfish desires. And remember that is the key. Have desires but don't let any selfishness come into the way. Be genuinely authentic in your conversation with others. Show them that you really care. Get out of the fire fighting mode. Be gentle on yourself. And then you will find how life is to be lived simply.



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