Saturday, June 19, 2010

The joy of love

It's so much fun to be around your loved ones especially when you come back from a vacation and meet them after a long time. There is a ghazal which says why is meeting followed by separation. The answer is plain simple. If there were no separation, we would not know the value of meetings. Such is life.

Imagine being hungry for 5 days and then suddenly you are offered a treat of your choice. Well, the food would taste better. Almost like heaven, although I haven't been there. For one, we know that our family matters to us more than anything else in this world. Strange, because just 10 years back, I did not have children. Today they are my biggest treasures.

Hope to inculcate good values to them and they should become contributors. Some people say that when they start doing that they become our children. I'm keeping my hopes on them. Althoough they are independent people , still some form of expectation always is there. My daughter if she wants to be an architect instead of a doctor then so be it.

We can just be their friends in this journey. We need to nurture them when they are small, but as soon as they become adults, we have got one more individual that can contribute to the betterment of society in large. Maybe they would hit the media circuit or maybe they will go unnoticed. What matters is that they would have helped at least one suffering soul by nursing them back to happiness.



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