Thursday, July 30, 2015

Till death do we part

Do not get attached to the thoughts that come in your mind. They keep coming and going. No reason to get stuck to any of them. In the same way, do not dodge emotions/feelings that make you feel bad. Let them come and go. As you know, none of these thoughts or emotions are permanent in nature. Pretty much like life. Still we take life so seriously. We plan, strategize, do all that makes us feel good. Not knowing that the average life span of seventy-seven years will pass like a blink. Whichever way you may have lived, you have come here with empty hands and will go back empty handed. Ironic, isn’t it ? But during the time that you are a guest of this beautiful planet, you have a job to do. To make it better, in any way, that you are capable of. Fend not just for yourself, but others too. Bring a smile to one more face or a million faces, if you can. And you would’ve lived your life well…

So what is the purpose of all this? Well, the answer is zilch. Nothing. You have to find your own purpose, or better yet, create it. You see, life is like a football match. Some get to play the goalkeeper, some get to play the referee. When the match starts (when you are born) everybody is cheering you. You have a limited time (a lifespan) to play the match well. When the match ends (death) everyone returns back home. In the meanwhile, either you have played well or not, your turn is over. People may remember you, if you played well. Or else your name gets buried with the names of those who did not make a difference. Playing a match is not that difficult, however scoring a goal is. That is what makes you a winner. No matter what, you must score.

There will always be people who are antagonistic to your ways. You just can’t avoid that. But the magic is to keep believing in your dreams, still when the opposition is loudest. Do not give up your dreams and goals. Do not stop and falter, when you are in adverse situations. You should bounce back even more when the circumstances are harsh. That shows that you are made of metal. So strong that pressure does not bend it. Water does not rust it. The wind does not erode it. Once you have figured out what you want to do, go right after it, with full determination. To rest for  a while, it’s OK. But do not quit. Failures are just breakpoints. You need to watch your moves – your strategies – if they are not getting you where you are headed. Make the appropriate change and then get on it.

Now what if you pass away in the midst of all the action- with some unfulfilled dreams? Do not fret. The fact that you have tried your best is enough. Maybe you won’t end up in the legends list. But you will also not be on the wayfarer’s. There is a lot of scope for someone alike you, who (he/she) can complete your dreams. Give it a chance. But you must have had some traction with your goals. Things that you count as important. Some milestones achieved. Say you are a businessman who dreamt of building a billion dollar business. And it’s still in the millions when you had to go away. Maybe someone will pick up the threads and make your dream complete. You see – the dream is important – not who does it. Because folks – this life is a very short affair – live it to the best you can, when you can, till you can.

To your dreams,


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