Wednesday, August 05, 2015

How are we similar to a Machine

If you consider yourself as a Computer, there are five things important to you :

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Network


Our brain acts like a parallel processing computer. One where there is no single CPU but multiples. These CPU’s crunch incoming data from our senses and produce reactions. There are three parts of the brain:

  • The reptilian brain (Fight / Flight Response)
  • The Limbic system (Emotions)
  • The pre-frontal cortex (Day to day survival needs)

The reptilian brain is synonymous to exception handling in CPU of a computer. The limbic system are the instructions which trigger the output- for example displaying a video. The pre-frontal cortex is like the Operating System which does things like Garbage cleaning (some are done by the compiler/interpreter itself), Deadlock resolution etc.

The brain can be in any one of the states of consciousness:

  • Beta (awakened state)
  • Alpha (Relaxed state)
  • Theta (Nearing Sleep)
  • Delta (Deep Sleep)

In a CPU this correlates to the Clock speed of the computer. The CPU further consists of the microinstructions (instruction set), the registers and memory. In our brains, this is the beliefs and values and the different kinds of memory that we possess.


The brain has memory (both short term and long term). Even the cells have memory,in it’s DNA. Memory that is used for day to day activities is the short term memory, whereas memory inside a CPU is in the ROM (instruction set) . The long term memory is the RAM of the system. Note that when we sleep, the RAM is no longer required. But the short term memory is. (Instruction set in ROM)


For a computer, the storage is in the form of Hard Disks or SSD’s. For the brain, we have memory in the form of subconscious which can be compared to storage.


Is the throughput, or how much of data can be processed. This refers to the size of the data bus of a CPU. (32 bits / 64 bits etc). For our brain as it’s a parallel computer and responds through many neural pathways, the bandwidth can be very high.


This is the external senses through which we perceive the world and respond. For a Computer it can be the ethernet connection or the Wi-Fi speed.

It looks like we and our silicon neighbours are quite identical and as time passes by we will see the similarities increase, till a point where a human will be half machine and half human.

And that will be the arrival of Kalki, the next avatar of God.



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