Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today understand it. Tomorrow the same opportunity may not be there

You know life is strange. You have a past that follows you everywhere and a future that you follow everywhere right in the present. In life what is important is not the attainment of a goal, but how you traverse through the untrodden path. If you are wise, you will have a great time doing so. You have to live for now. The past is dead and the future is unknown. What you can be sure of is the time. There will never be a moment like this again. Live it. Savour it. Do what you love and every instant is a celebration.

The good old days of the forgotten years are still beckoning us. We have made this world so complicated, when there is simplicity all around us. Look at nature. It is consistent. Contradictions don't exist outside. It's within our minds. People unnecessarily complicate things. Rather than doing ten things half done during the day, it is better to do two fully.

We are so much in a hurry that we don't listen to that divine voice inside each of us. Stop for a moment and hear it. Follow it. See through it. Become it. (This is a borrowed idea) What is yours is waiting there to be claimed. Seek it and use it. Life's greatest gift to you is yourself. The calm pulsating undying self within you.

Realize it.

Aaj Samjhle. Kal ye mauka haath na tere aayega (Today understand it. Tomorrow the same opportunity may not be there)



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