Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Behind Collaboration

I was thinking of honey bees today.

They painstakingly gather honey from different flowers for us. And in a single moment we take that honey and use it for ourselves. The effort for them maybe is a year or two to gather all that honey. And we break it just in an instant. God has really blessed us in order for us to be able to do so.

The same is applicable to the software industry. We use different products which have been painstakingly created by a number of our friends. Imagine using the System Namespace in a .Net program. It just takes 1 line to include the same. But can we contemplate how many Microsoft programmers and other team members have made it simple for us.

This is true of Open source also. As a matter of fact it just does not apply for IT but for construction too. A house built, a school here, a hospital there. We are privileged to use the summary rather than walking through the process of creation. Then we use the summary to create further summaries. As time whizzes by the old meaning is lost but it gives rise to new application. We treasure this because of the simple reason that we built it. But was it not teamwork. You see teamwork doesn't always have to be real time but it can be across time and eternity.

Collaboration on a tears and sweat foundation.



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