Sunday, October 18, 2009

When words lose all the power

When words lose all the power

Words don't come easy

How can I find a word

To make you see

I love you ...

Words don't come easy

So goes a song. It's true. Have you noticed sometimes how we fumble for a perfect word for whatever it is we want to say. Words are just approximations of our feelings. They do not fully convey the language of the heart. Words fall short of one thing – the actual meaning. A better repertoire of words can come in handy. But it is absolutely useless if the person on the other hand has a limited vocabulary.

In programming parlance, words are keywords and the rest are additional constructs. Although programming is made up of words, that follow strange rules, it is more structured. The moment we enclose something within a structure, the meaning tends to dissolve. It's like a bird in a cage. For the heart to speak, freedom is the essence of the soul.

And the worst is when a word is misconstrued for that kills the entire meaning.

My opinion:

  1. Keep it short and simple. I have seen many proposals marauding the entire aspect of the same – namely to be understood.
  2. Even if you don't use an appropriate word, it's OK, as long as your intention is true
  3. Some people have a gift of gab. It's OK, if you are not in the same category.
  4. Trust more in eye contacts, handshakes or other form of exchanging meaningful communication.

Words have their own fallacy. You don't. Rely on yourself. You are a gift beyond words.

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