Friday, July 16, 2010

The way of the warrior

The way of the warrior

The warrior is somebody who faces all situations in life with the same disposure. Be it good or bad, he has the guts to face the predicament. A warrior is somebody who sales through the river of life with honesty, integrity and dependability. Whether it is a scalable or a portable transition, he is not fazed by it.

His achievements are not his achievements, but the people around him who have helped him. He always shares his honours with others, but keeps the trouble to himself. Perhaps that kind of mettle is what makes a warrior so strong. He believes in 'Laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry and you cry alone.'

A warrior also believes in simplicity. He does not dabble into jargons to make things harder for others to grasp. His agenda is clear. He is somebody who wants to get the work done, in the most efficient and simplistic manner. He cares about his people. That is why, even when he leads, he gives the right of way to others.

Finally a warrior is made up of the same stuff that others are made of. He is just somebody who uses the tools to extract the best out of any situation. He shares this and does not feel any need to hide it. He is compassionate and truthful. He feels for others who are depraved of basic necessities and does his part of trying to take the sorrows away.

The warrior is somebody who fights, only if the fight is called for. Finally, he does not fight for what he believes is right, but for, what is right.

To all those heroes out there …

I would like to raise a toast to you.


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