Thursday, July 22, 2010

To lead means to follow

To lead means to follow. For a leader to lead, he should have been a good follower in the past. A leader should have a passionate attitude not just towards some things, but towards all that he comes across. Can everybody lead? Yes, of course. Leadership is not an innate trait. It can be nurtured into every individual who is willing to practice.

At any point of time, there can be some leaders only. It's like a king walking thru the pavilion while audiences clap by. These same forgotten people may be tomorrow's kings. Never undermine anybody, because he may the future leader paving way for thousands of innovations yet to come. Or he may be a peacemaker for the whole planet. There is no limit to what a 'belly on fire' person is capable of.

Likewise a good teacher does not teach procedures and rituals. He coaches his students so that they may learn to lead one day in the near future. Followers are not just a bunch of beguiled people who wait for the ordainment from a leader. They are the very reason that makes a leader what he is. Captivating. Motivating

A leader sometime may have to wage a war. A righteous leader fights without consideration for emotional attachments. He knows that it is not about winning or losing. But the very dharma of his is driving him towards the war. Finally, a leader lives for his followers. He is strong, although you may see some faltering indications in moments of doom. After all, he is also human …



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Anand BK said...

Alan Keith stated that, "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen."

Leaders always make for thier followere to do something extraordinary