Saturday, July 10, 2010

Falling from grace

There are times in our life when honour is at stake. Those with weak minds would get swayed by temptations. Remember, that you have to stand for something. There are some things in life that you would never compromise on. In short we all need a value system in place which is unbreakable. A promise is a promise to be kept. And the first person you make a promise to, is yourself.

The spoken word is much dangerous than a knife's cut. Remember people hold you onto your words. That is why I always say that before hitting that SEND button, please think twice. When that someone that you know comes and complains about things that you would have said in the distant past, you know that these are the trying times. You may feel like defending. But hold your guard. Listen.

Values and Principles in life change. Not by a high degree. But to some extent, from what our experience teaches us. A strict rule in a community which you are following as a part of your value system may be ridiculed in some other community. Different strokes for different folks , they say. Despite the opposition, hold onto what you believe in.

But remember that you should not be fanatical about your value system, however deep it may be. Choose a value system that is in line with universal values. Changing ourselves is one of the toughest things, but if we see something that is higher than what our beliefs are we should choose it without hesitation. Life is a continuingly improving process, and being strong (not the mack thing) will take us one step towards God. Finally, once God has raised you up to a particular level, try to fly higher. Do not fall from grace.

To your higher love


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