Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A life worth living for

Is there such a thing as fate? I believe there is. Actually there are many fates, not one. Destiny is not carved on a piece of stone. We have been empowered to choose the destiny that we want. Take Palmistry for instance. Do you know that the lines on the hand keep changing in a few years, depending on the path that we walk on.

Hence there is no such thing as a deterministic future. When probabilities all add up, they form a future for us. One thing we have to note is that our karma plays a big role in determining this. Destiny is full of stuff that dreams are made of. For it to manifest, we will have to use our wisdom to choose from the quagmire of choices that we get bombarded with everyday.

There are epiphany's all the time in our life. These may lead to the path of the righteous. But as easy as it seems, there is no one way about it. It's a journey of trial and error. Like CMM's optimized level, where we learn from our mistakes. And those who repeat them are bound to get the realization later. Finally it's about God Realization.

We don't need to become ascetics in search of God. We have to include God in all aspects of our life – for example seeing him everywhere; knowing that inner voice of his when he communicates to us; hearing him in a song. A God who has preset the destinies would be a dictator God, and I'm pretty sure, that is not the case that we have here. He is the all knowing and merciful and always assists us however down one may feel.

From the urchins on the streets to the Buffet's of Wall Street , he is one and the same for all. He is love personified. He has given us the chance of realizing him in this very lifetime. So we really need not worry about such a thing called fate. Just go out and find him, in every single moment. And that is life fulfilled. A life worth living for.



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