Saturday, July 03, 2010

We are all gifted

Some people say 'This person is gifted'. Actually we are all gifted. This person has found himself, hence he seems to be gifted. God has given everyone some special ability to be found out and made use of, in this lifetime. Till the time we don't, we lead a mundane existence. It's definitely not money, because money is consequence, not an end in itself.

It's about talent. We are naturally better at some things than others. That's the call of our heart. And if we heed that we will be successful. In whatever ways that we define success. People seem to have a short definition of success equating it with money, fame etc. But I would say he is successful who has found his true yearning ; he is successful who has found happiness ; he is successful who has helped many others succeed like he has.

This world itself is a mykhana (a term I borrowed from Urdu) which means a drunkards place. We all get drunk with whatever it is that we do everyday. Yet many people don't stop and look behind. For them the day is a to do list of things to get done. And when it does get done, it boosts the persons ego. When we fail we get upset.

Success and Failure should be accepted with the same grace. It really does not matter. What matters is that we tried, to the best of our ability. The prerequisite for trying is that our heart should be where the action is. We should strive to be happy always. Can a sad person make another person happy? I doubt. Find out where the happiness lies and then follow it all along.

Wishing you the best always,


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