Friday, September 25, 2015

What happens to us after death

Nobody has returned from the afterworld, to tell us that this is the way it is. But there are many graphical descriptions in the books. Is there a heaven or a hell ? Some cultures do not refer to hell, as they say there are two worlds only. Out of our imagination, we have created so many different worlds. Heaven or Hell is what we are in a particular moment. If we are happy and come from joy, we are in Heaven. Whereas, if we are depressed or feeling like a grouch, we are in Hell. That is as far as our state of mind is concerned. Beyond this, is a state when we experience the universal consciousness. This state is the one referred to as one without a second, in the great scriptures. This is the state that we should be aiming for. If life is worth living, it’s sole purpose is to realize ourselves in this state.

So, what does this have to do with death? Well, we have to have this realization in our life time, in order to avoid rebirth. A person who comes from this state, is always peaceful and happy. He sees himself in others and others in him. This state can also be called as the God-realized state. Actually we don’t realize God. We become God like. Existence becomes a bliss and every moment seems to merge with other moments. Time becomes an illusion and we become like that pigeon or the lion who, when asked ‘What time is it now?’ replies ‘Of course, the time is now’. There is no longer a past or a future. This enlightened person just lives for the present moment.

When such a person dies, his soul merges with the universal soul. There is no rebirth for this person. Mind you, we will keep talking births, as long as we do not achieve this unified goal. Such a person’s karmic footprint is washed away and he has a zero balance in his karmic account. But what happens to a person who has not realized this state ? Well, for one, his body is not there anymore. So the senses are no longer working. His brain with which he processes information also is no longer there. So thoughts are also absent. But his life moments are recorded in Akashic records. The resulting karma, will dictate as to what will happen to this person. Will he be waiting for some time for a rebirth, or immediately be cast into a world and all that will depend upon what he has accumulated in this life.

Death is not a full stop. It’s just a comma. Your soul can never die, as it awaits for emancipation. The only thing that can happen to your soul, is that it will take on new bodies and get reincarnated in a new form. Now is the chance for the soul to attain realization. Or else the cycle continues. Are these all predestined? No. They all happen according to individual efforts. Astrology, palmistry and other occult sciences can just predict the conditions. It’s like giving you a map. But when you traverse the map, what experience you will collect, is entirely up to you. The soul is the only noun in the universe. And as your body faces the life tunes, it gets older with experience. The idea is to realize that you are a part of God, before you die. Because this very state (samskara) will be predominant when death strikes you. Much about what happens to you after death will be directly related with the way you have lived.

Death will not die. Neither do you. As you are an everlasting soul in the bosom of God.

To your liberation,


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