Monday, September 14, 2015

How to make your dreams come true

Do you dream a lot or a little ? I’m not talking about the dreams that you get when you sleep. What I’m referring to is the things in your life that you want to achieve. Do you have a plan for them ? Have you started working towards them ? Did you think and visualize the details of your dream ? For example, if you want to make a million dollars a year, what is it that you can contribute to make it happen ? Do you have the requisite skills ? If you don’t, do you plan to get yourself trained in those skills that you are lacking ? Do you believe in the law of attraction ? I do. But without the effort part of it, you are bound to receive what you have been getting till now. Without raising your level, you won’t get much of traction. The word ‘DREAM’ is an acronym. Here’s the breakup for that :

‘D’ : Decide

Once you have sorted through those thoughts that seem to run in your head always, you have to arrive at a conclusion. Ask yourself what is it that makes you perk up, or what is it that you can do without much effort ? I mean, what is it that comes to you naturally ? Well, you are cut out to be that. Maybe a doctor or a journalist or whatever. Once you have decided that this is what you are going to be, then don’t turn back. Go for it on full steam. Some people may actually try to give you an advice that they think is apt. Do not listen to naysayers. This is about you and you are the only person who can decide what you will be in the future. So listen to your heart’s voice and go right after it.

‘R’ : Respond

Respond to situations in a way that makes you feel happy. We all have good and bad days. But it is for us to decide whether the so called bad days were really bad or just lessons towards making us better. Do not let bad days deter you. Remember, whatever may be the situation, the response is for us to choose. And this ability is correctly termed as responsibility – the ability for you to respond in an appropriate manner. Do not go against your values – never. Do not criticize. Choose a positive response always, however negative the ambience may be. If somebody makes you angry, it’s not about the other person. It’s what is brewing inside of you. The only person who can change this feeling is you.

‘E’ – Enthuse

Without energy, nothing is possible. You must raise yourself up to the stage that you want to get to. Say you are at level A. And you want to get to level ‘B’. So what does it take to get up there. The answer in one word – your energy level. You have to raise your vibrations to get there. Like what Tony Robbins says ‘Everyday you have to raise your standard’. People complain that the law of attraction does not work. It will, if you change your energy levels. If there is no change, the Universe responds to you as it always has been, which means in the same way as before. Be passionate about your goals. A person who does not have passion for what he/she is after, is already a dead person. Ask yourself, do I want to be dead or alive, bubbling with energy ?

‘A’ – Act

None of the three steps above is going to be of use, if you do not act upon the opportunities that come your way. You see God keeps sending us these opportunities disguised as work. You have to grab them and sweat it out. There is no other way out. If Lord Krishna were alive today, his message to mankind would be ‘Go, do your job!’. There is no escaping this. Work is worship. All the results of your actions are based on how you have worked on a particular opportunity that God has sent. However, don’t go overboard. The results are not in your hands. Work with an attitude, where you do work for work’s sake – that is, get excited about it. The results will automatically come. Action without intensity or involvement is going to be a dull action. So put all your heart into what you do.

‘M’ – Mastermind

This simply means that you have to network. No point in having all these skills and capabilities, if the world doesn’t know that such a person exists. Your relationship when you network should be a two way communication. Not only are you interested in showcasing yourself, but you should be interested in other people genuinely. This helps you, because you can pass on the opportunities that come your way to others, if you find that, you cannot fulfil it. This also helps you in building a trust relationship with several people. Some within your bandwidth (your interests) and some outside. Maybe you will go on to become best friends with some of these people. So do not ignore these facts. Networking is the final step which will land you into opportunities.

If you follow the above five steps, I do not see any reason, why you will not be able to reach where you want to be. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead with all you have got and with God’s blessings, you will definitely make it.

To your dreams,


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