Saturday, September 19, 2015

The ultimate knowledge

If you read the Vedanta, there are 7 Mahavakyas (Great sentences) in it :

Brahma satyam jagan mithya

This simply means that Brahman is real and the world is unreal. Brahman is a reference to our soul. Jagan (World) with all it’s variations is not reality. It is just our perception. We all perceive the world in our own ways. An insect experiences the world in a different way compared to a bird or a human. Perceptions come and go. They are not permanent in nature. The soul is something that never took birth or never faces death. Hence the only truth is the soul. The word mithya means unreal and that denotes the experience of the world that we are in.

Ekam evadvitiyam brahma

Brahman is one, without a second. Ekam means one and evadvitiyam means without a moment. Brahman or our soul is not entrapped by the time illusion that we have. It simply supersedes time. Hence it is without a second. As time passes, we see changes in our body, thoughts etc. But the soul is not affected by time. As a lotus flower which is found in a muddy place, steers itself away from it’s surroundings, we must also be pure (realize the soul) and take ourselves away from the material world. Because, you see, everything in the material world is impermanent.

Prajnanam brahman

Brahman is supreme knowledge. Prjananam is Praj (Supreme) and Gnanam (Knowledge). We all think that we are well equipped in the world with our doctorates or masters. But that knowledge is not sufficient. True knowledge is knowledge of Brahman (Soul). When we realize the soul, we can say that we have achieved the purpose of life. Hence our life should be devoted to the study of soul, as this is the highest knowledge that we can ever possess. You may have read the entire library, but if you do not know the soul, you still are a toddler.

Tat tvam asi

You are That or This is what you are. Tat (You) , tvam (Are) and asi (That). You may have mistaken yourself for an entity with a name that belongs to yourself. You have a last name, you have your fathers name and the world recognizes you by this. You may also have some conceptions about you. But here’s the truth : You are just the soul (Brahman). All other identities are false. They are not permanent in nature. They all go away, once you die. Hence you must realize it during your lifetime, that you are that – or the soul and nothing else.

Ayam atma brahma

This simply means that the Atman (Soul) and Brahman are the same. There is no distinction between them. Some people call the Brahman as the Supersoul or God himself. But the atman or your soul is not qualitatively different from the Supersoul. You are a part  and parcel of the very God that exits in the depths of you and only this part of you is not going to go away, anytime. Thus, your atman (some people also refer it to as Jivatma) and God is same. In other words, you are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean itself. So realize this truth.

Aham brahmasmi

I’m Brahman. This realization is said to take years of effort to materialize. You simply can’t say that your are the soul. You have to realize it. Through practices like Meditation. Imagine the moment you come to this realization, that you are Brahman and the whole world that you perceive, is being experience by Brahman, who is nothing but yourself. As human beings, we are a privileged class. We have the awareness that can take us to this level. (In the Upanishads, mention is made of the state called ‘turiya’ where we realize God in the full meaning of it.)

Sarvam khalvidam brahma

Sarvam (everything) – khalvidam (indeed this) is Brahman. This is the ultimate stage of realization, where you see that everything around us, including us, is pervaded by God. Here. in this state, whatever we see or experience around us, we see God in it. God or Brahman exists everywhere. The penultimate stage to this is when we realize that we are Brahman, then we realize that the world around us (nature) is Brahman and thus finally we realize that everything is Brahman. And this is the realization that we should come to. There is nothing beyond this. Brahman (God) is truth, Truth is God.



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