Thursday, February 02, 2012

I’m responsible for what I say, not what you understand

Saying something is easy. You don’t require much effort. However making somebody understand your viewpoint is extremely difficult. How others interpret what you say is not at all in your hands. However, there is a technique called mirroring, by which you ask the receiver to repeat whatever you said. Then, you can easily make out whether the person understood you.

Most of the problems in the world stem from this sad aspect called miscommunication. A says something. B understands it in a way. He says the same thing to C. And C to D. By the time it reaches Z, the meaning of your message has completely changed. The media is also responsible for some of this malfunction. But I don’t blame them entirely.

What is the best way to communicate. Visuals. Short sentences and words that convey meaning as much as possible. Words are really tricky. They can be misinterpreted. So can images and videos, but the probability is lower. Convey a story, not words. Your viewpoints must be reiterated till the other person understand it.

Coming to understanding, here we come across another problem. Between friends, spouses and other relations. If you do not understand a person, chances are you will misinterpret what they are saying. Hence it’s very essential to at least understand where a person is coming from. Do not judge or form an opinion. But listen carefully.

To your heart …


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