Monday, February 06, 2012

How to face life with good health on your side

The food that you eat makes your brain function in a particular way. The term in computer parlance is Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). If you feed yourself with lousy food, then your thoughts are going to be likewise, whereas good eating habit leads to a life full of vigor and thoughts which will assist you to face the daily chores better.

In the Hindu texts, mention is made of 3 kinds of foods:

  • Sattvic
  • Rajasic
  • Tamasic

Sattvic foods are palatable and good for the body and brain. They consist of things like green leafy vegetables, fruit juices (originally crushed, rather than canned) etc. These foods transform the nature of a person, in the sense that he becomes more at peace with himself, mentally active and full of goodness.

Rajasic foods on the other hand are spicy. Like lots of pepper, salt etc. They bring up the passionate part of our nature. Passionate not just as in aggressiveness, but also anger, greed, lust etc. Such foods fuel our material quests that we seek. Also these kind of food are not good for digestion.

Tamasic food means basically that which is putrid, pungent etc. These can be left-over's, foods which have expired and hence not to be eaten. Basically this kind of intake makes us lazy and sleepy. Food such as these can harm our entire life. We tend to become dreamers without execution. Hence always regretting, this may lead us to a lot of dissatisfaction.

Depending on what we eat, our moods influence us. The above mentioned types of foods lead us directly to the nature that we portray on a day-to-day basis. A mixture of all these will lead to a mixture of thoughts. You may see a person acting very nice (Sattvic) and in the next moment getting angry (Rajasic) or simply avoiding responsibility. (Tamasic)

The only addendum that you should be aware of, are genetic dispositions. But they can be altered through habits. Hence a person born with a Rajasic streak (because of his parents genes and past life karma) can become a Sattvic in this very lifetime, if he/she chooses to..

There is one more type of disposition which is above all these modes of nature. And to achieve that we have tot transcend our thoughts. This nature is not Sattvic, but above that in the sense that the actions do not generate karma. Such people live life through instinct. There is no thought process. They have  transcended happiness and sorrow. To get there is difficult. It requires practice, however trying to become Sattvic will lead us to that. (more probability)

To your health and happiness …


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