Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The 5 minute guide to Love and Sex

Love is the ultimate paradox of our universe. Love cannot be explained with an Aristotelian logic, which  says 1+1 is always 2. In love the same does not apply. Although it takes two people to love, when they melt into each other, they become one. This requires a little more explanation.

Consider that you bring two candlelight's into a dark room. Although there are 2 candles, the light you see is one. There is no distinction between the lights of the two candles. Suddenly, love has become one, although there are two people involved. If we bring more candles into the room, the light is still one. This is many people in love together. Notice that the light is more luminous. Thus the intensity of love has increased.

In the same way, consider the bank of a river. A river cannot have just one bank. There has to be two banks, in order for the river to exist. But deep down, the banks are connected. They become one. Similarly in love there has to be two or more people. Them more the merrier.

Sex is just the physical aspect of love. Sex is a bodily need and is selfish in nature. You think of your pleasure. Your partners pleasure is just in your mind for the ego trip that you get, feeling that you are a better lover as you could give him/her an orgasm. But at the bottom of your mind is your own satisfaction.

Sex is a peak experience for people who have not found the peak of love. Love with sex is the ultimate pinnacle. Sex just for the purpose of sex is a fleeting phenomenon. It just provides a temporary relief. After you are bored with your partner (having tried everything that you could) it becomes mechanical. Hence you move on to the next partner. And on and on. If you ask me, it’s really meaningless because you will never find happiness. Pleasure (temporary) yes. Happiness (permanent) never !

When you are in love, you may not even feel the need for sex. Just holding hands, or sitting in silence or witnessing a scenic panorama together can be fulfilling. Lovers talk less and enjoy the fun of being together. In order for you to become close with God, it’s essential that you have experienced love. Remember what is said in the Bible ‘Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.’ 1 John 4:7

Love is the ultimate force in the universe and Jesus, the apostle of love has said so much about it. Still we chase the other edge of the rainbow. Love is right here, showering in front of us. But we can’t seem to be able to grasp it. The poorest man in the world is he who has not loved. Mind you, self love is a property of the ego, and hence that can be termed narcissism. True love is sublime. We are all wired to find love. All we need to do is experience it and then this whole world is magic. How can we know if we are in love. Just one simple guideline: If we care for the other person more than we care for ourselves, we are in love.

I pray that we all find the highest love: The love for God.



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