Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being in charge, always

Is it possible to deliver something when we are unhappy? I’m afraid, not. Even if we do the output would not be correct. It’s very essential for us to be in a happy frame of mind, always. Emotions like anger, envy, hate and others rob us of our natural essence. By that I mean a constant state of joy. When we are happy, we have a light feeling about ourselves. And this is naturally the state that we should be in. Else it may affect our health and relationships.

I agree that it is very difficult to maintain a state of cool always. Because there will be things that make us negative. I’m sure we have the awareness when we are getting that wretched feeling all over. My advice to you, once you notice it, is to calm down. Take two deep breaths and feel better. Now think of something that makes you happy. Let that emotion fill you. Now relook at the situation that made you unhappy in the first place. You will soon notice that you can easily handle any situation, however grim it may be.

You can’t stop the rain, but carry an umbrella and don’t complain. In the same way, whatever unpleasant that comes your way, face it and choose your response. Consciously say that this thing is not going to affect me. Switch away from that script you have been running in your mind, every time you face a difficult situation. Do not let anger or other negative emotions take the control. Quietly say to yourself, you are in charge.

Conquer it step by step. The basic thing you have to remember is awareness. That makes the whole difference. Understand clearly, what makes you uncomfortable. And also identify what is your normal reaction to it. Weed it out. Program yourself to get into the happy mode, automatically. Soon you will realize what you have been fearing is a figment of your imagination.

Be an individual who is aware. Know yourself first to know God better.



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