Friday, September 23, 2011

The purpose of our life

Do you know the reason why we live? In one word, it is God-realization. All of you may not agree with me. So here’s the reason. In the beginning before the Big Bang, there was no space, no time – only a consciousness pervading throughout the universe. We may call it God. This power was all knowing and everywhere. God knew that he was God, but did not have any experience of it, in the sense that he wanted to experience his grandness.

So he began to create - others. So he could experience himself through them. Thence came the big bang and the creation of time and space. In the book of ‘Genesis’ , the reference is ‘And God said let there be light, and there was light.’ He kept on creating and still does. When light was created, so was darkness. When love was created, so was fear.

The need for duality, is to experience one, we need the other. The spiritual parts of God also divided into pieces and entered everything known. In us, this part is the soul. The soul is a part of God hence it’s only need is to realize itself, which means to experience itself. The highest grandest feeling that we have, it craves for, because it is a part of God.

There are 3 aspects to our living. Thoughts, Words and Deeds. Everything that we have felt with our senses is a result of a thought that had originated somewhere in someone’s mind. Words are the second means of communication, more powerful than thoughts, because they can be felt. But words are all metaphors and cannot be a substitute for feelings. The final – deeds or action is what makes us realize the feeling. And hence it is the most important.

Somebody may be a good thinker or a linguist, but unless he/she experiences the thought or the word, the cycle does not get completed. Hence it’s said, dream as high as you can. Express yourself in words. And feel it. Because finally that is what matters to you. Which means to your soul. Which means to God.

Now do you agree that realizing (feeling) the creator of this grand design is what it’s all about?

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