Thursday, September 08, 2011

Who am I ???

Who am I? Has this question ever bothered you? Well, there are millions of us who are seeking an answer to this age old question. You are not a body with a soul. In fact, you are a soul trapped in a human body. As a soul you have rights. Universal rights. You are entitled to all that is there in the universe, provided you understand these empirical rules:

Law#1: You are the child of the Supreme Principle. That is your lineage.
Law#2: All around you are your siblings, be it animate or inanimate.
Law#3: You should treat others, the way you want them to treat you.
Law #4: What is good lasts forever. What is bad is temporary.
Law#5: What has been created will be destroyed. The only part of you that will be left behind is your soul.
Law#6: Time is an immutable principle. However, it can be transcended.
Law#7: You don’t own anything in the universe. At the same time, everything in the universe is yours.
Law#8: Your final destination is naught. You have already arrived.
Law#9: Like a circle which does not have a start, you have always existed and will always exist.

No matter what your name is or whatever part of the world that you are in, you are destined for greatness, much beyond your expectations. Do not confuse greatness with fame, as it is the realization of yourself and your self only. Once you realize who you are, there is not a single thing you will find in the whole of the universe that is as precious as yourself.

Gold may glitter, diamonds may sparkle, but the light that your soul emits is pure light - A light without a blemish, a light that is colorless like water, an invisible light. You are here to realize that and spread that light to others, so that they may also realize theirs. This light is the light of love beyond goodness and surpasses everything that you can conceive of.

Give obeisance to this love. There is nothing else to be discovered.



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