Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Two steps behind

Don’t keep a grudge against anyone, however bad the experience was. You are simply creating negative energy around you, without solving the problem. Don’t get carried away by people who say that you have to get even. Instead, change a needy person’s life. You would’ve got even by doing this charitable act. Enhance positive vibrations around yourself.

Think straight. To deal with most of the situations in life, God has given us common sense. We should be using that more; than nursing worrying thoughts, which anyway does not get us anywhere. In computers there is a term called GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Our mind also works in the same way. You feed it useless thoughts and the result would be useless actions.

You need not fear anything – not even death. In fact, death is liberation from this continuous cycle of thoughts, aching body and errands that you have to take care of. Death is the great equalizer or the ultimate mystery. The greatest poetry on earth is upon this phenomenon. Have you heard of Nachiketa sacrifice. He was the person who asked death to reveal itself and he came to the realization about it.

Anyway let me take you way from somber discussions to something more pleasant. Let’s talk about love. ‘Cause that is all there is to life, rest is noise. Love in all it’s forms and semantics. Read about it, experience it and live it. Remember if you are not feeling love today, you are missing something. It does not have to be accidental always. Try 2 steps from your side, and you will realize that God is just 2 steps behind.

With lots of love,


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