Friday, October 07, 2011

And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things

We are all living in a dream. I’m not talking of dreams that we see when we go to sleep. This life itself is a dream. We feel that things are happening and are under our control. This is but an illusion. Where were we before being born or where will we be after death? We came from nothing and go back to nothing. How can there be something in between two nothings?

In short the nothing or the universal mind is dreaming that we are alive. From naught we came and to naught we go back. And in between whatever happens is a dream. In the Hindu texts it’s called Maya, or simply illusion of life. We are all witnesses and nothing more. When we see a beautiful flower, God is appreciating his own creation.

More apt, would be experiencing. The highest experience is orgasmic in nature. And we are all awaiting that, in order for the God within us to experience it. The feeling of love or heart is uppermost when the ego is not interfering. God knocks at our door many million times, but we either ignore it or draw ourselves back into our ego shells.

Let yourself go free. No inhibitions and no wise words from some texts or what you would have learned from the compulsive voices. Imagine for a moment that you are like an eagle soaring at 5000 feet above ground level. You just enjoy the feeling, no worldly tensions. I understand that we cannot always be in such a state forever. The more we meditate, the more we come closer to such a state of mind. Give it a shot. Your life will be much simpler.

I quote from the Essene Gospel of Peace “And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things”

God Bless,


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