Monday, October 04, 2010

Share the world

Share – a deadly emerging paradigm. The question that we must ask ourselves is, why do we want to share? The answer is simple. We all like to be appreciated and we also like to appreciate others. The other aspect of sharing is to spread stories. For e.g. You bought a new TV today, and it doesn't work and hence you blog about that. This can be out of frustration or with the feeling that nobody else should fall for the trap or sometimes both.

The other aspect of sharing revolves around 2 major factors viz. What to share and who to share it with. Sounds complicated; actually it's quite simple. Ask yourself this question; What are the things in your life which you would not want to share with anyone. Then increase the level of sharing. Denote for e.g.: I can share this personal idea with Mark; I cannot share office status with Betty and so on.

We have to be very careful before we hit the Share button. For e.g. If you mean to share something with a Group, better be sure that all people in the group should be amicable to your post. This is one danger area, as some people may get offended (due to whatever reasons) or some people may tag you everywhere. One is ignorance and the other is indulgence.

As we know that every concept has its ups and downs, we can surely say that the pros are more in the case of sharing. We have migrated from the days of reading the web to actively participating in it. What's the next step? I personally feel that while sharing your stuff, related stuff would get shared automatically by a Semantic Web. Another thing that comes to my mind is fusion. If somebody is researching on say accountancy, automatically a package suggestion like for Tally or Quicken would be useful for this person, and hence auto suggestions would be the wave of future sharing...

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