Thursday, October 28, 2010

In his cradle

Till death do us part.

Why put death as a full stop? We (our consciousness) live even after death. Death is just the end of this physical body. From the earth it has come, and to the earth it will return back. We are not our bodies. We are waves of the oceans. Where do you think a wave that arises in the ocean go? Back to the ocean, right! In the same way we get absorbed back into God, from where we came.

We may chose to come back after some time or whenever, to take birth on Earth. Because this life on earth is a means of realizing God in entirety i.e. achieve nirvana. Wherever we may be with or without bodies, we are in safe hands always – God's bosom. He tucks us away gently into his merciful hands and sings us the lullaby that we used to hear when we were kids, you remember?

This very world that we live in is magical. Actually, scientific in the core and magical in the icing of it. Hell / Heaven and other worlds can all be found on this beautiful planet itself. Where are these worlds? When we feel happy, remember we are in heaven. When we feel bad, we are in hell. The gradations or intensity varies.

There may be other worlds. By that I mean other planetary systems where life may be there. Not maybe there, I suspect there is. But I have no direct experience of the same. To tell you the truth, this planet itself is enough. Because there are so many unexplored mysteries of the Earth alone which fascinates me, that I rarely think of other worlds.

One thing I know for sure the whole universe is a sacred place in the benevolent mercy of my Lord.



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