Friday, October 08, 2010

A happy and a safe world

Most of the people around us are good. They are just reflections of our own character. You do good, you get good people around you. I'm reminded of the truism 'Right Thoughts; Right Words; Right Action' which if we practice, leads to happiness in the long run. If you ask me, what is the greatest weapon that we have in life, my answer would be truth.

As far as the projects for a services company is concerned, it always starts with Requirements gathering (assuming that the contract is signed). We should practice the following in order to get the best out of this phase. Viz. Listening, Mirroring (repeating what was said at regular points of time), noting (taking notes) and revisiting (revising).

For Analysis & Design stage we should practice the following, viz. Mapping requirements to design, using design standards and fallback plan. For coding it would be viz. Using coding standards, doing unit testing, walkthru's and review's. For testing phase we would require test plans, writing exhaustive test cases (with tool or without) and creating a database of bugs.

As in a project there are different phases, life also comes with the same concept. The earliest stage is newborn (and just like a newborn baby needs more attention than say a toddler, the projects also in the beginning need to be given more attention to) and then we pass through teenagers, young adults, married people, procreation, giving back to the world and finally renunciation.

Although this has been said simply, the practice of the truism mentioned above is a challenge for all of us. And the day we are all on the same page regarding this, we will have a happier and safer world.



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