Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let positive thoughts always surround you.

Let positive thoughts always surround you.

We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. In fact the right word would be awakening, more than revolution. If you look at an ordinary man's life, he is a circumstantial creature, always reacting to the world that he encounters. Not thinking to stop once a while and see how it's going. Churning along, day after day, and then it is one more day again.

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that you start feeling hollow after a particular age. When you look back, you should not regret any actions, because they were right for that particular point of time. If you learnt mainframes, and the demand for this skill has bottomed, it doesn't mean that those harrowed years went for nothing. There is a learning which was appropriate for that point of time.

Focus your goals in alignment with nature. Clouds exhibit polymorphism. Sometimes they block sunlight and sometimes they rain. Serializing is found in many training sessions. So all these terms are our way of subconsciously being in sync with nature. Going through life is like driving a car. You never know what's ahead. But you must drive. And if the weather is good, your drive becomes a pleasure.

God always sends good weather. If you find that the weather is bad, it's to strengthen you. To heed the call. And once you learn how God works, you will be blessed with an insight that always make you happy. And this is my wish to you. Be happy, always ... (Hope it doesn't sound condescending)



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