Friday, December 04, 2009

The blueprint of your life

What's your blueprint? Did you find it out yet?

Life is like a can of soft drink. When the can is not opened everything is OK. The moment we open it we have to sip it. Then come in the surprises. Maybe it does not taste that good. Or maybe the water has some pesticides in it. And all those cronies called doubts start popping up.

But if you are like the normal lot, you don't encounter this situation, except in dire circumstances. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. If you analyze this statement you will realize that the common thing between all these people is a factor called greatness. Why is this such a do-goody thing. Because we always aspire for the top. All of us are born with a greatness gene. Whether it becomes docile or active is left to us.

Let me explain this further. We all come to this life with a blueprint. Like a construction company creates a blueprint before beginning work, in the same way, we also carry along with us the blueprint when we are born. Once the construction work has started (that is we take our first breath), the blue print starts getting modified. Maybe a bathroom here, maybe a toilet there starts getting altered. We change the very blueprint that we are born with and there is nothing that surpasses the original design. Because that design is beyond comprehension. It just is.

The greatness gene is docile in nature. When you make it active by your karma, that is when the fun begins as you finally realize that a docile gene was better than an active one. You really don't need to prove a point, because there is none. Action in inaction, you see.

Lately, did you checkout what's the blue print that you came with ?

To life and love ...


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