Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

A very happy new year to all of you.

Action rightly done will bear results. Have no doubt about that. There are other factors that can affect a person such as ability, attitude, environment, previous birth karma etc. But if a person rightly decides to nullify all this and proceed right ahead in a positive frame of mind (Attitude) then come what may, the action will have the intended result.

But do not hanker over the results. That's what Lord Krishna says. You have a right to the action but not to its fruits. Action done in the right spirit will sow fruits of returns and in the future it will come back to you. Surely.

In the meanwhile try to understand inaction in the midst of action. A person being silent in a meeting will send the signal that either he understands everything or nothing. In both cases the person will be driven to action by the Gunas (basic nature) But the Gunas can be overcome if you decide and take massive action (as Anthony Robbins says) Once you are situated in action, life around you will change. They say 'Shit happens' . I say we make it happen. Think about it.

All in all, I wish you an action oriented 2010 and may God willing you get all the results that you are looking out for.

Cheers and have a great year ahead ..


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