Friday, August 28, 2009

The Weapon Delusion

The weapon delusion

One of the biggest spenders for any economy is their defence budget. I fail to understand the idea behind piling up weapons. Maybe it’s an insecurity. Because just having the latest and the greatest weapons does not make a country powerful. It is the happiness quotient that matters. For any country- no matter how the demographics are, the point to be noted is how happy do the citizens feel ? How safe do they feel ? Is help available easily ? Does everyone get the basic necessities ? Is the economy on inclusive growth?

In computer parlance, every program has a goal of happiness. This is true when the program is being used the way it was supposed to be. Any variations like mistakes does not fulfil its original goals. Hence it becomes unhappy – oh I mean the person using it. Of course programs don’t feel or do they ?

A country piles up so many weapons to threaten the foes. It’s like me using MS Word. All I require as a writer is an editor , a spell checker and a thesaurus. And the remaining 98% features of this wonderful program remains unused. It’s like buying C4- when all I require is a small firecracker.

I honestly think that weapons piling up (which can destroy the planet maybe 100 or more times) in a country is a sign of derangement. I’m not saying that weapons are not required. For the cops they do require some ammunition. But keeping a military force to fight with other countries is a big waste. They should assist the police to keep law and order everywhere. In the past there were no countries. We made the differentiation, and we built the weapons. Man against man – and who has the best weapon wins – or does he really ? If I’m not wrong, one of the commandments is ‘Thou shall not kill’ – whatever happened to that ...

Anyway I think that most of us suffer from Amnesia ,and before I forget I wish every person happiness always but don’t blame me if I forget, because I’m also suffering from Amnesia.



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