Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recession. Depression, Uncertainity

Recession. Depression, Uncertainity. People losing jobs. Banks losing money. Stimulus package by governments. Markets at all time lows.

And some people say that the worst is not yet over.

In these unsure times, fear creeps into peoples minds, faster than ice cream melts. If there was a pill for giving peace of mind (rule out Prozac) that would take off beyond doubt. These are times for introspection; restructuring and thinking of making dreams come true. If you are in an existing business, this is the right time to expand as rates are low and people are reasonable.

Today, for any organization there would be 3 things on the top of their list

1. Cost Cutting
2. Improving Efficiency
3. Increasing Revenue

These are trying times. The wheat and chaff would be conspicuous in any organization in a while. And hence the stars who multitask and give more bang for the buck would keep their jobs for sure. One thing apparently good, would be that productivity would zoom and valuations of companies will return back to alignment. Speculations would be low like inflation and value would trump over price as a measure of quality.

Free markets would get a socialist tinge and governments all over the world will intervene more into corporate affairs. Surely, a good thing to happen, if they act as responsible regulators.

Whatever happens the old adage to believe in is 'Everything happens for the best'. If a door closes for you, God certainly would open another door for you. What we need is perseverance and willingness to work. As long as we keep trying we are sure to hit the jackpot in a while.

People seem to equate the jackpot to riches. Well, money is no doubt important but more importantly pray for good health and peace of mind.

You may lose money, but if you lose faith in yourself that is possibly the worst thing that can happen.

So get cracking and enjoy the ride while you are at it.

God Bless


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