Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swine Flu equivalent in technology

Swine Flu equivalent in technology

There is so much news about Swine Flu that we forget to note the following facts:

1. Swine Flu is just like a computer virus
2. Instead of infecting a computer it infects a human being
3. Like antivirus which eradicates viruses (techno speak), the medicine for Swine Flu has been identified (TamiFlu and others)
4. The equivalent medicines in Computer World are antivirus software like McAfee, AVG etc.
5. Swine Flu spreads through air. Computer Viruses spread through a network (mostly)
6. Swine Flu lives for 2-8 hours if it does not find a suitable host.
Computer Viruses live for as long as they are not eradicated by an Antivirus.
7. Swine Flu has a signature just like Computer Viruses do.
8. Swine Flu and Computer Virus if treated early will not be fatal.
9. Swine Flu does not infect all people. Some people have a stronger immune system.
Similarly, in a Computer if you keep the Antivirus updated, it won’t get infected. Good Health is Wealth,
as they say.
10. At any point of time there may not be enough awareness about the Flu, which may erupt as some freaky case.
As in Computer Viruses which are not yet classified and tackled.

P.S: The points mentioned above may not be entirely true due to my limited knowledge about the Flu

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