Sunday, December 07, 2014

Information Theory and Consciousness

Information Theory by Claude Shannon is at the foundation of all our communication. It simply says that between a transmitter and a receiver, the noise in the channel (the medium of communication) the signal (original message) can get lost or altered. Imagine a crowded room where everyone is trying to speak. There is so much of commotion, that what you are trying to say may not reach your intended recipient. Hence the solution to this problem is either to have a strong transmitter (loud voice) or modulate the signal (your voice) with a high frequency carrier (in some other medium, like say a tape recorder). The first approach requires more power, while the second approach requires a carrier (in this case an external device). The signal at the receiving end will have to be demodulated (remove the carrier) and then just received as pure signal.

In real life also, this applies. Say, you are speaking to a person. Although you may have said ‘X’, the receiver may interpret it as ‘Y’, not because of noise outside, but right inside his head. The receiver may be thinking so many things and what you may be saying will get smudged in the perception of the receiver. This simply means that the signal gets altered because of the noise in the receiver’s head. One way to avoid this is to transmit the information when the receiver has a clear mind. Let’s assume that morning 9AM to 10 AM is the time that the receiver is having an unbiased mind. You can then chose to send your message during this period. Here you have used time as your carrier and it may have the effect that you may have intended.

This leads us to the importance of listening. When we listen, we have so many preconceived beliefs and thoughts that interfere with our perception, that sometime we may not be listening fully the way it should be. In order to be a 100% listener, we  have to let our consciousness do the job. You see – consciousness is a watcher of surroundings (including our thoughts). It does not judge or criticize. It simply observes. If our consciousness is free of distractions (ego) then we can clearly interpret the messages that come towards us. This in turn leads to learning. Yes, every message that the consciousness gathers is a message of growth and awareness. Further, this message interpreted in the right way can lead to pure joy, and in some cases, grief. Our emotions get triggered depending on the quality of the message. Now you see the message has triggered the reaction that it originally intended for the receiver.

This exactly is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Feel as the subject feels. What the transmitter felt while delivering the information quanta, the same feeling the receiver feels. Now you can start addressing the problem as it is, rather than, as you had perceived it. Bring consciousness in, and let the ego stay out. Soon you will be a walking talking source of wisdom. All these thoughts that interfere with our listening skills are to be eliminated. Coming back to the theory of information by Claude Shannon, we have to see that the medium (our mindset at any point of time) is clear. Have a clear mind and receive the gifts of the Universe. Now I’m talking not just about situations or messages, but your wishes projected to the Universe. You see, the Universe simply echoes back your wishes if they are grounded in your consciousness. Let consciousness manifest your dreams. Make this world a better place to live for you and for everyone else.

Good Luck !


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