Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who am I really ?

Somebody is born, somebody dies, every second. Iam sure you don’t find that amusing. But if you know that person then its something that matters to you. If you read statistics there are just seven degrees of separation between us and any person on the planet. In this way, we are all related. But our feelings do not span across. It is limited.

We come to this world and get entrapped in the workings of it. One thing we are taught from the beginning is to accumulate assets, so much so that, it becomes the central force for many of us. In this rush we neglect to hear what that sparrow is trying to say or what that rustling wind is trying to whisper.  The best we can take out is maybe a months vacation in a year.  But, by then we are so embroiled in our situation, that we forget to enjoy this break.

Why can’t all of us be more sensitive? Why do we have to be preoccupied with the ways of the world? Some say for a living. Mother Earth produces 5-6 times more than what every one of us can have. Why can’t we share this and live happily? Maybe you are reminded of Beatles song ‘Imagine’.  Dreamers. But the world keeps moving its way.

A poor man can’t have a heart bypass surgery because it costs too much. So we let him die. A poor girl born to laborers can’t go to school, because her parents can’t afford her fees. So she ends up in child labor. I mean these things happen right in front of our eyes, but  we are unruffled. How inhumane. If I had a magic wand, I would wish all these things away and restore some sense to this crazy world.

Or somebody else. Or a group. Or a nation maybe.

Waiting …


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