Thursday, November 08, 2012

How to make more money

You may all have heard of the law of attraction. Simply desiring something is not going to manifest it. However, desiring is the first step. Then comes action, or plain simply work. You have to work towards making that desire come true. If you put 100% effort, the universe will make way for your dreams. Of this be sure.

Remember you get what you are worth.  If you are making 50,000 and you want to make 100,000, then you have to deliver value worth 100,000. Your company pays you for what you are worth. If you do not agree, you have to prove otherwise. Add continuously to your skill set. Learn new things. Move forward. And show to the world that you are worth more.

It all boils down to what problems can you solve. The more difficult the problem is, the more money is thrown at the person who has a solution. If you are not making enough money, it’s simply because you are not solving enough problems. Don’t blame it on the circumstances. Make a change. Improve yourself in whatever you have decided to do. Utilize the day.

There is one thing you should not forget. Do not simply run after something interesting. You know what you are good at. Pursue that only. The very thing that you can do easily which others find difficult. This is what you have been carved for. Go after it with all your might. And soon realize that your dreams will come true, one by one.



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