Sunday, November 16, 2014

This growth towards perfection


This life is a journey towards perfection. No matter what you do in a day, if you haven’t grown by the experience, you haven’t learnt. God wants us to grow everyday. We become stronger day by day. The message is growth and the goal is perfection. It does not matter where we are in life, at this point of time. There is a lot of scope for enhancing our skills and reactions. Why do I say reactions ? Because we can choose our response to any event that we go through. Give it a good thought and then go ahead and choose the right response. Try to remain positive despite anything.

In the computer industry, there is a general feeling that the moment a product is workable, release it. Well, this can be a disaster. Release only after a lot of testing and the basic core of the product is ready. As far as possible, don’t wait for the negative feedback from the customer, which you intend to fix in the next release. A lot of negative comments can hurt your company’s image. This doesn’t always work well. Sometimes you may opt for an early release at the cost of feature creep and lack of thorough testing. Do not rush into the market.

Perfection is binary. Either it works or it does not work. If it works, you have created a positive vibe about it. If it doesn’t, you may have to come across dis-satisfied clients. You choose when to introduce something into the market. If the product is not working, it may create some embarrassing moments for you. The risks that you take by launching an early-on product can be the test of your image. As a result, stop experimentation. Be sure that your product / service is ready prime time. You will gain a lot of traction by knowing exactly your product / service strengths and shortcomings.

Please anticipate all real life situations. Do not get disturbed if your product has a mediocre response, even when you were expecting a phenomenal one. Carry that insight which you have gathered from the market feedback. Plug it into your project, and make it a more solid release the next time. We are all time travellers jogging along with our experience every day. Please make it as pleasant as possible. If people hurt you, just ignore them. Do not waste time in hitting back, because it lowers your vibration level. Make your footprints solid, in this journey towards perfection.

To your growth,


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