Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spirituality and Reality

Spirituality is about the inner us. Reality is about the outer us. When the inner constitution of an individual is strong, he/she does not get fettered in the advent of adversity. If you are, as dianetics calls you a ‘clear’ person, you have nothing to worry about. As long as you carry the baggage of judgments and other experiences imbibed into you from various sources, and see the world through those eyes, it’s very difficult for you to appreciate life and progress. Most of the people are caught up in the same rut. They have different kind of fears. Fear of failing. Fear of getting rejected. Fear of lagging behind. And so on. All these are picked up in the so called ‘experience’ of life. Mind you, as a child you never had these fears. But as grow up, we tend to pickup these non-existent fears.

The only way to a better ‘you’ is an elevated consciousness. If you are not aware of yourself as a part of ‘God’, you are missing out on some very juicy aspects of life. Know that you have infinite potential – to be who you are, as you have aspired for it. Everything is possible – all you have to do is raise your frequency. The universe will automatically plot a path for your dreams to flower. But say if you are yearning to earn more, whereas most of the time you are focussed on the lack of it, the universe will give you more lack of it, as per the law of attraction. The key here is to shift your thoughts. From a mentality of shortage, you have to switch to abundance. There is so much of goodness (for the lack of a better word) in the universe, that everyone can claim his share and still be left with more to desire.

You see, you are where you are because of your actions. Do not blame anything else. The only way to ‘up’ your situation is to plant good seeds of thoughts into your mind and then take massive action. If you do not get out of your old mind patterns, you are likely to stay in the same place, day after day, year after year. So how do you get rid of these old habit patterns ? Well, the answer is simple. Firstly, you need to identify those mental blocks which are hampering  your way ahead. Once you have identified them, every time you come across the same set of thoughts, you have to consciously be aware and not follow them. I personally use a ‘switch’ system. Whenever these thoughts bother me, I say to myself aloud ‘Go’ and I’m back to my new avatar. If you keep doing this, soon you will find that the destructive thoughts subside with time.

Reality is different. There are many ways to navigate the real world, with it’s own rules. You may have reached the peak of consciousness, but to make progress in the real world, you have to follow it’s ways. Some of these may be straight and some crooked. Only yield to those that match your value system. For example, if you are not in favour of bribes, don’t give or accept one. You can still survive. The road to success is usually a long one. So do not take any shortcuts that you may have to regret later. As you progress more on the path of revelation, you will find that your definition of success also changes. Think of a goal more than yourself. Maybe you have helped one other person besides yourself to find the shore. That’s good enough. Anyway, you have to give meaning to your idea of success. And if it doesn’t seem enough, go make some changes to reality. Better yet, change yourself, as it is acceptable to you.

May you find and walk your path.


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